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School Life

School Life


The quiet recognition of talents, in others and in ourselves, is central to Rydes Hill. It does not matter what these talents are, but the removal of doubt and the nurturing of confidence and skill have real significance in our daily life. Although it all starts in the classroom, it is present in every fibre of Rydes Hill.

We strive to create a family atmosphere where staff provide a supportive, caring and disciplined learning environment. We offer pupils a well-balanced education, whilst developing individual, intellectual, creative and physical talents to the full.

Allowing children to find their own feet without feeling too much pressure of competition and encouraging their personalities to develop are primary aims. In so doing, our pupils become confident, inquisitive and independent learners.

Rydes Hill is a community where we take pride in the fact that staff and pupils know each other personally, encouraging firm friendships amongst pupils, which once formed, are very often taken into adult life – a tangible reminder of happy school days.

Pastoral Care
We believe that good pastoral care is the priority upon which success in other aspects of school life depends. We create a happy and secure environment where pupils are cared for and supported, thus ensuring that the development of confidence, self-esteem and self-worth in each individual is paramount. Class teachers are central to the success of the pastoral care provision as they are the first point of contact, providing guidance and support. The children are taught the importance of respect, courtesy, honesty and good manners.

Friendly rivalry is encouraged through the House system and pupils are assigned to one of four Houses - Campion, Gerald, Patricia and Peter - named after the Founding Sisters. House points are awarded for effort, work, behaviour and achievement in all areas of school life.

Learning to serve is an important feature of the Rydes Hill experience and all the older pupils contribute in some way to the greater good of the whole school community in their roles as Prefects, Librarians and House and Games Captains.

At Rydes Hill we aim to inspire pupils who will:

  • Understand and live by Gospel values
  • Aspire to achieve success at school and beyond
  • Be happy in their personal lives for God’s glory, recognising the supreme dignity of every human being